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This page states the terms and conditions of Staff-Me under which you may use this job portal including but not limited to text, images, information, videos, graphics and other similar information.
Every registered user or about to register under Staff-Me job portal must read the terms and conditions of the use of our job portal and must be of legal age if you are a natural person and must be licensed to do business if you are a juridical person. Reading and understanding the terms and use of Staff-me will help all registered users understand the process of applying office based or home based jobs as well as help employers select the right candidates or professionals for their growing companies and businesses.


This job portal is exclusively for the use of both job postings and advertisings as well as for job applications. We have the right to delete all profiles without prior notice who are not within it’s legal scope and use. Posting of indecent profile pictures, videos, wordings and similar means are not within it’s exclusive use and shall be prohibited in using our services.


Our services include providing home based and office based professionals that are screened and validated through our application requirements. Professionals are expected to sign up and create their profile by providing required information before they can apply to different job postings as well as employers are expected to sign up and create their profile by providing required information before they can select and hire professionals and use other Staff-Me services.

It is expected that all registered users into the Staff-Me portal are mandated to comply with the terms and conditions and therefore allow Staff-Me to provide information to all our clients within the database. Staff-me can from time to time amend the feature of it’s job portal in order to acquire more clients and sales and for the benefit of Staff-Me. Your continued use of this service is an express acceptance of the terms of use. Registered users can cancel their profile by deactivating it in case they are not amendable to the terms and conditions.


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You agree to that all information particularly your username and password will be secured by you to maintain the confidentiality and must inform Staff-Me as soon as possible against unauthorized use of your account or password. The account you created shall be access by you alone and cannot be shared to anyone else. Sharing your access to anyone shall be considered breach of this agreement and shall entitles us to terminate this agreement.

PRIVACY concerns with data or information privacy that is stated in PRIVACY POLICY of this job portal.


This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of the Philippines only and exclusively and users hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Philippines.