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Staff-Me Services offers a job portal that that which shows Office Based and Home Based job. Sign up and start posting your jobs and applying for the jobs that you see fit. Change your life starting now with Staff-Me! Your Career Starts Now !!!


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How it works


Staff-Me Services gives information to applicants that they will create their personal Staff-me profile with all the required information as well as they attaching required documents such as CVs, Transcript of Records, Diplomas, Training Certificates, Government issued IDs, School IDs (for identification) and other documents needed by most employers. All information provided by applicants will be available to employers for hiring, verification and screening purposes. Applicants will also be able to browse companies with their available job postings via our platform and eventually apply to jobs that match their interests.


Companies will have to subscribe and create their company profile in order for them to be able to advertise their job vacancies through our platform, select and eventually hire candidates. They will also have the privilege to post unlimited job postings which are for free for now until further notice.


STAFF-ME – the advocate of Virtual Professionals

Staff-me delivers quality jobs to all virtual professionals to make sure that they are not abused by foreign employers by giving them below minimum pay as a virtual professional. Virtual professionals use their own resources such as internet connection, personal computers, laptops, electricity, telephone and other office equipment just for them to work for the benefit of their virtual employers. In this instance, we required that all virtual employers will have to pay all virtual professionals a minimum rate of $3.00 per hour to accommodate their expenses.


STAFF-ME – Delivering highly qualified Virtual Professionals

Staff-me ensures that our virtual professionals have the skills and expertise. They have their ID proof to determine their real identity. All their rates are $3.00 per hour and can assure you that they are all professionals. The minimum rate will cater all their working expenses above from their personal service to their virtual employers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the only platform that offers applicants either office based or virtual assistants to various employers worldwide. Our aim is to provide quality and experience applicants so that employers will have peace of mind when it comes to manpower and employee know how.


Having a virtual employee saves your business in many aspects. You will be saving on hiring a full-time employee as well as allow you to save on expenses of purchasing a desktop computer, laptop, printer, and other office equipment. The disadvantage of hiring a Virtual Employee is that it will be hard for you to trace them whether they are actually working. The good news is that we have a TIME TRACKING SOFTWARE that can manage all their working activities and trace their productivity rate. Please click the link and try our time tracking softwares NOW!

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Staff-Me has its own payment protection program for the benefit of the employers and their virtual professionals.

We act as the intermediary between employers and virtual professionals regarding payments. Virtual employers and virtual professionals will have to sign an agreement that Staff-me will act as their intermediary. This is to make sure that both parties will be doing their required duties and obligations. The payment will be deposited into our account for security purpose and will be released to the virtual professionals. Please see details below on the application process:

1. Virtual professionals and virtual employers will email us of their intention to use the protection program;

2. Both virtual employers and virtual professionals shall sign the protection program agreement

3. Staff-me will charge both the virtual employers and the virtual professionals a minimal fee of 2% each from the amount to be paid to the virtual professionals.

Example: Virtual Professionals monthly pay = $ 1,000
Staff-Me charged Applicant = 2% of $1000
which is $20 Staff-Me charged Employer = $20

4. Staff-Me upon compliance of both parties in relation to their respective responsibilities will release the funds to the designated bank account of the virtual professionals.