Client’s benefits

  • Expand your services globally.
  • Minimize your HR tasks.
  • Forget about managing your international payroll.
  • Pay employees in multiple countries with only one monthly invoice that you can pay through domestic wire transfer.
  • Ensure local law and regulations compliance.
  • Save time and energy for the development and performance of your business.
  • Save money by hiring the highest qualified talents abroad.
  • Pay team members in US Dollars or in their local currency, at no additional cost.

Benefits of hiring in LATAM

  • Culture and traditions similarities make it easier to align values, goals and working standards.
  • High level of spoken and written English is a must in every candidate.
  • Compatible time zones with US companies. Most LATAM countries share the same or similar time zones as the US, which facilitates communication and collaboration.
  • Lower cost of living and salaries. The cost of living in LATAM countries is relatively low in US dollars, which attracts qualified candidates who are eager to work for American companies and gain economic stability while living in their own country.
  • Salaries for most positions are affordable compared to salaries in US or in Europe, which makes lower costs for companies keeping skill and quality.

Employees’ benefits

  • Job security: they are covered by a Signed Agreement with StaffMe.
  • Finance security: their payroll currency is in USD.
  • Legal security: they have the correct tax registration and comply with all the necessary regulations.
  • Compatible time zones with US c
  • Healthcare security: they have private healthcare coverage with no extra costs.
  • Work comfort: they have the possibility of working remotely.

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